Our Trail

Documenting our path seemed like a natural coping reaction for us when we started out. Now we think sharing our experience might offer some hope and inspiration for others and help draw attention to the rapid innovations happening today in the cancer community. Amazing things are always possible. – MC

Special Notes From The Trail 

UCSF’s Hope and Gratitude Exhibit – Benioff Hospital
Created by cancer patients and UCSF staff, I still find this to be one of the most powerful and comforting things I’ve ever seen in my time on Cancer Mountain. This is just a partial shot and there are multiple walls throughout the surgery recovery floors at BH showing these inspiring patient-created pieces. I spent hours during my recovery walks and the months since reflecting on them. Be grateful. Don’t lose hope. Know you are not alone.

Asking For Help
I say do it.  I decided the day I was diagnosed I would reach out to others for help. That can be a tough thing to do. My family, friends, co-workers, fellow cancer survivors, support organizations, and our healthcare heroes all responded immediately and amazingly when I shared my news. “Team Crafty” has been rolling ever since.

Goal Setting
It really helps. Cancer quickly disrupts everything. Your family life, work-life, future plans … everything gets thrown in the spin cycle. In my early chaos, I set some goals around what I could do and what I wanted to do. In preparing for my very first chemo treatment, I asked my doctors: “Do you think I can make it cross-country to New York for a concert in 8 weeks?” They said, “We love that goal and we’ll help you make it happen!” So, before my first infusion center visit, I put a picture of the Kerr Theater’s front doors on the cover of my chemo treatment notebook. I promised myself I’d get there. I regularly visualized walking through those doors as the date approached … and I did! (Much more accurately, it was really my family and my medical team who got me there!) The experience proved to me, if you can see it, you can do it.

Your Team
They have superpowers you’ve never seen. Your support team can be as powerful as any treatment you are prescribed. In our case, “Team Crafty” has carried me, Mady and Nat, time and time again along our tough trail. We really do feel all the good vibes, prayers, white lights, and positive mojo pointed our way from near and far. We are forever grateful.

Staying Fit And Connected To Others
You have to do it! Your doctors will back me up. Our 2018 and 2019 rides in the Sonoma County Backroads Challenges are now family history and stuff of legend. We really hope to resume these fundraising rides for cancer research when the pandemic conditions subside. Cycling has been my primary way of staying in cancer-fighting shape. And, there’s really nothing like getting out on a bike with your family, friends, and community to celebrate good health and help advance cancer breakthroughs. We aim to keep rollin’!

Be Sure To Grab Hold Of Any Lucky Breaks You Catch In The Storm
Act fast and pounce on ‘em! In 2019, I was fortunate enough to get a ‘chemo vacation’ and we turned it into our first family trip in 2 years. Two weeks in Europe. No medical appointments. Felt great to pack a bag for something other than a hospital trip and hit the road with my California girls to explore the world.😎

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Thanks for all your support. – MC


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