Week #121: What Does a Long Cancer Journey Look Like? Well, It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

This week I’m reminded of what my oncologist, Dr. Thomas Marsland, said to me at one of our very first consultation sessions back in November 2017: “You might think of your cancer like a chronic illness. It’s very possible, with today’s technology and treatment advances, that you’ll live for years while undergoing treatment of oneContinue reading “Week #121: What Does a Long Cancer Journey Look Like? Well, It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint”

Week #120: February is National Cancer Prevention Month – Let’s Talk About My Liver

Part 1 of 3: National Cancer Prevention Month 2020 There are number of things that have helped me stay really positive on my cancer journey. I’ve spoken a lot in past updates about the incredible power of family, friends, faith, and hope. (They are no doubt my special superpower.) In this post, in the spiritContinue reading “Week #120: February is National Cancer Prevention Month – Let’s Talk About My Liver”

Hope & Gratitude – Ready for a New Year!

Week #115 2019 was pretty incredible and we are so thankful for all your support. Mady, Nat, and I leaned on you much, much more than you may recognize … and you carried us. We are forever grateful. I hope you will put cancer screening at the top of your New Year Resolutions list.Please callContinue reading “Hope & Gratitude – Ready for a New Year!”

Week #112: Scan Results … Christmas Comes Early for Team Crafty 😎

Among the special moments in your life you’ll never forget, the time your oncologist says “There is no visible sign of the cancer …” has to be very high on your list!  After two years and two months, 4 surgeries, 11 months with an ileostomy, 10 rounds of radiation, and 30 rounds of chemo, IContinue reading “Week #112: Scan Results … Christmas Comes Early for Team Crafty 😎”

Week #110: Thanksgiving 2019

This is a really special time of year for me. I often find myself thinking about what happened each day of this month back in 2017. How in the span of a just few of days, life dramatically turned upside down for me and my family. I was moving along with my usual busy scheduleContinue reading “Week #110: Thanksgiving 2019”

Week #104: Gratitude, Lessons Learned, Celebrations, and Looking Ahead

It doesn’t really seem possible. At the end of this month, I will have been at this cancer-wrestling thing for a solid two years. Partly to help those of you keeping score at home and partly to convince myself, I put together this handy map for us to put it all the action in perspective:Continue reading “Week #104: Gratitude, Lessons Learned, Celebrations, and Looking Ahead”

Week #100 – by guest author Mady Crafts

Hi Everyone! I’m taking over Mark’s blog for Week #100, because this is a pretty big deal, and because I need to say thank you to Mark. I will start by saying that 21 years ago when we first met, I knew I had met a very special person. Many of you have heard thisContinue reading “Week #100 – by guest author Mady Crafts”

Week #99 = Rollin’ Strong, 2020 Vision

CRAFTY 99This is Week #99 of my cancer journey and I continue to be the most fortunate cancer-fighter you’ve ever known. All continues to go incredibly well for me on the health front. I’ll start my new ‘maintenance’ chemo program next week and we expect this should be easier for me to handle than theContinue reading “Week #99 = Rollin’ Strong, 2020 Vision”

Week #97 = A Turning Point

“You are a miracle and the future of medicine!” Nurse Rebeca S., UCSF Helen Diller Cancer Center I’d say that quote is worthy of its own hat, t-shirt or even a tattoo maybe. I’ll remember it forever and I thank one of my first cancer nurses, Rebeca at UCSF, for saying it. We had lostContinue reading “Week #97 = A Turning Point”

Week #95: Summer + Chemo Almost Over

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” — Bob Marley That quote sits on my desk. I look at it all the time and nod my head in affirmation. If you told me 2 years ago at this time that I’d soon go through 4 surgeries,Continue reading “Week #95: Summer + Chemo Almost Over”

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