When a man finds it is his destiny to suffer, he will have to accept his suffering as his task …
His unique opportunity lies in the way in which he bears his burden.  – Viktor E. Frankl

Week #209 = Chemo Cycle #51 = Back On The HorseHi Friends, Today I will start chemo cycle #51. That is … PRETTY … DAMN … INCREDIBLE, I’m sure you’ll agree!!! Our new plan calls …2021/10/18Cancer2021-10-18 10:21:18
Week #207 – Curing Cancer Is Hard – Time To Pivot Our PlanHey friends, Thank you for all the support! This week was tough as far as news and progress go. If it proves one thing, it …2021/10/07Cancer, Health, Wellness2021-10-07 10:52:12
Week #200 On Cancer Mountain … Introducing The New “Trailblazers Endowed Merit Award” From CONQUER CANCERHey friends, It is Week #200 for me on the nasty hill and to mark this milestone I am going to ask you to join …2021/08/19Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research, Health, Wellness2021-08-19 09:59:37
Hope & Help On Cancer Mountain: Sharing Some Experience From 45+ Months On The Hill (Video)Hi friends, I had a lot of time during my recent stay at UCSF hospital and clinical trial launch period to put these videos together. Please share …2021/07/29Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2021-07-29 06:16:39
45 Months on Cancer Mountain … 30-Day Update On Our “Terminator” T-Cell Clinical Trial w/ UCSF Cancer Center & PACT Pharma — VIDEOWe did it! Our clinical trial is off to an amazing start and I should be cleared to head home this week. Have a look …2021/07/25Cancer2021-07-25 18:34:45
WE HAVE LIFT-OFF! Crafty’s Clinical Trial – Using CAR-T Cells Against Solid Tumors – Is Now Successfully In-flight!My View From “11 Long” At UCSF Parnassus Hospital, San Francisco Hi Everyone! Imagine I’m toasting you all from high on the hill at San …2021/07/05Cancer2021-07-05 19:17:51
Now Ready To Join The X-Men! … Clinical Trial BIG SHOT In T-Minus 24 HoursWell, it’s been a crazy and amazing past 8 months leading up to this very exciting point. My team and I have made it successfully …2021/06/26Cancer2021-06-26 11:15:14
Week #192: Ready To Make Medical History = T-Minus 1 Week to ‘The Big Shot’June 21, 2021 Well, it’s here! Our clinical trial kick-off is upon us. After nearly 8 months of testing and development, my customized T-Cells from …2021/06/21Cancer2021-06-21 15:20:37
June 2021: Hitting Big Goals On Cancer Mountain … T-Minus 2 Weeks To Clinical TrialI remember asking during my very first ‘chemo teach’ meeting, back in November 2017, “Can I keep riding my bike through this?” My oncologist had …2021/06/14Cancer2021-06-14 21:02:59
June 2021: Countdown To Blast Off For Our UCSF Clinical Trial … T-Minus 4 WeeksChemo Round #46 is now in the books – 6/2/21 If you are extremely lucky like me, at some point during your time on cancer …2021/06/03Cancer2021-06-03 10:38:33
Cycle for Survival 2021 … Supporting MSK & Beating Rare Cancers … My Message to Team Salesforce and All CFS Riders: THANK YOU!Here’s a message I just sent to all my Salesforce colleagues who are participating in the 2021 Cycle for Survival event tomorrow in New York …2021/05/14Cancer2021-05-14 10:23:09
Taxi Crafts … Our Best FriendWith heavy hearts we share the news that we said goodbye to Taxi over the weekend. Those of you who had the good fortune to …2021/05/04Cancer2021-05-04 16:11:24
April 2021 – Now Ready For The ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Cells’, Our Clinical Trial for CRC Enters Key StagesHi Friends, It was a very big day for us at UCSF yesterday (Monday 4/26). I handed-off a bag of the red stuff for conversion …2021/04/27Cancer2021-04-27 09:32:54
“March Madness” Team Crafty Style … Celebrating Twenty Years, Going Fifteen Rounds In The Radiation Ring, Making That Big College Decision, Scheduling Vaccines, And Waiting On Clinical Trial Green LightsHi friends, It’s been a really, really busy month and I’m happy to report everything continues along on very solid and good tracks for us. …2021/03/31Cancer2021-03-31 15:12:37
Celebrating 3+ Years On Cancer Mountain & Sharing My Story For #WorldCancerDayHi Friends, During the past few weeks I’ve been participating a daily countdown challenge to #WorldCancerDay, FEB 4. Each day I get an email with …2021/02/01Cancer2021-02-01 10:51:49
Happy New Year! … Let’s All Keep Rollin’Happy New Year everyone!I think we’re all glad to put the very challenging year of 2020 behind us.We were able to make the very best …2020/12/31Cancer2020-12-31 08:19:49
CALLING OUT AROUND THE WORLD! Virtual Cyclists Everywhere, We Need You FEB 4!Blog Post: Week #165 ~ December 2020 Hi friends, I’m really excited about this event and I invite EVERYONE to join me … Not kidding, …2020/12/18Cancer2020-12-18 16:57:53
Week 161 on Cancer Mountain: Some Pain and Set-backs, But Thanksgiving Starts Now for Team Crafty!Petaluma, West Side – November 17, 2020 Hey friends, A little forewarning, this post is a bit long and it is going to take you …2020/11/18Cancer2020-11-18 11:10:52
Week #158 … 3 Years and 3000 Miles … Now Ready to Blaze a New Trail on Cancer MountainPetaluma, California – West Side – October 2020 Hi Friends, With all the turmoil and uncertainty throughout world today, I hope you will find this …2020/10/25Cancer2020-10-25 16:10:48
3000 Miles, A Goal Supporting Cancer Research BreakthroughsHey friends, Tomorrow is World Cancer Research Day and that’s a very special one for me. You see, down at UCSF Cancer Center, my medical …2020/09/23Cancer2020-09-23 12:31:24
Week 152: Fires, COVID, and Chemo, Oh My!Photo Credit: ABC7News – Bay Bridge, San Francisco – September 9, 2020 Hey friends, Wow, we are really being tested out here in the West! …2020/09/12Cancer2020-09-12 11:06:20
Week #150 … Chemo Round #41: It’s All About How You Use Your TimeFor the past couple weeks, the NorCal fires have kept us indoors and out of the smoke (… and off the bike). Thankfully, our town …2020/08/30Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2020-08-30 16:39:44
Week #147 … Chemo Round #40 … And Obi Wan Said “Use the Force, Crafty. Keep Rollin!”Rancho Obi Wan – Petaluma, CA Last Friday, I hit one of my cycling mileage goals right out in front of a very low-profile Petaluma …2020/08/09Cancer2020-08-09 23:24:01
Week #144: Be Grateful for Your Health and Help the Cancer Wrestlers in Your WorldHi Friends, Not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks for my health. That’s right. ‘Johnny Stage IV Bowel Cancer’ is grateful for …2020/07/25Cancer2020-07-25 14:30:08
Week #143: And Then There Was SWAG!Deadpool StickerDesigned by redbaron_ict Hi Friends, Even before I got sick, I’d always been weary of (and frankly saddened by) the drabness of many of the …2020/07/12Cancer2020-07-12 14:54:53
Week #140: Maintenance Chemo Mojo & Two of My COVID-19 HeroesHey friends, This week is number 140 of my hike on cancer mountain, now tracking over 2.5 years. And, after 4 surgeries, 11 months with …2020/06/26Cancer2020-06-26 16:05:22
Week #136: Who Was That Masked Man? … Memorial Day 2020 …All this talk of masks … It’s sad to see people making such an issue of it. Today starts Week #136 of my journey on …2020/05/24Cancer2020-05-24 13:52:18
April 2020 – Week #131 – Cancer Care During Covid-19I hope you are all safe and well during this really difficult time! Covid-19 has turned the cancer community upside down just like it has …2020/04/22Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2020-04-22 11:15:53
Week #126: Lessons Learned Along One of Life’s Most Difficult TrailsHey Friends, This article was published on Salesforce’s “Ohana” Blog this week, shared to my work colleagues worldwide. (Ohana is the Hawaiian word for ‘family’.) …2020/03/19Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2020-03-19 08:56:52
Week #123: Cancer Prevention, Part 3 … It’s a Global EffortPart 3 of 3: National Cancer Prevention Month 2020 Hey, I’m thankful for this leap day of February to squeeze in the last of my …2020/02/29Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2020-02-29 16:45:19
Week #122: February is National Cancer Prevention Month – Ever Heard About Precision Radiation?MC at Edwin Eubanks Cancer Center, Petaluma, CA – February 2020 Part 2 of 3: National Cancer Prevention Month 2020 For about the past 100 …2020/02/16Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2020-02-16 18:04:33
Week #121: What Does a Long Cancer Journey Look Like? Well, It’s a Marathon, Not a SprintThis week I’m reminded of what my oncologist, Dr. Thomas Marsland, said to me at one of our very first consultation sessions back in November …2020/02/14Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2020-02-14 07:41:28
Week #120: February is National Cancer Prevention Month – Let’s Talk About My LiverCrafty’s Liver – Oct 2018 – USCF Cancer Center 3D ImagingDischarge Day – Oct 2018 -Surgery #3, UCSF Parnassus Part 1 of 3: National Cancer …2020/02/06Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2020-02-06 13:51:20
Hope & Gratitude – Ready for a New Year!Week #115 2019 was pretty incredible and we are so thankful for all your support. Mady, Nat, and I leaned on you much, much more …2019/12/31Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2019-12-31 21:56:22
Week #112: Scan Results … Christmas Comes Early for Team Crafty 😎Among the special moments in your life you’ll never forget, the time your oncologist says “There is no visible sign of the cancer …” has …2019/12/12Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2019-12-12 05:03:35
Week #110: Thanksgiving 2019This is a really special time of year for me. I often find myself thinking about what happened each day of this month back in …2019/11/28Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2019-11-28 03:39:41
Week #104: Gratitude, Lessons Learned, Celebrations, and Looking AheadIt doesn’t really seem possible. At the end of this month, I will have been at this cancer-wrestling thing for a solid two years. Partly …2019/10/17Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2019-10-17 08:47:58
Week #100 – by guest author Mady CraftsHi Everyone! I’m taking over Mark’s blog for Week #100, because this is a pretty big deal, and because I need to say thank you …2019/09/15Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2019-09-15 23:32:13
Week #99 = Rollin’ Strong, 2020 VisionCRAFTY 99This is Week #99 of my cancer journey and I continue to be the most fortunate cancer-fighter you’ve ever known. All continues to go …2019/09/09Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2019-09-09 19:00:03
Week #97 = A Turning Point“You are a miracle and the future of medicine!”Nurse Rebeca S., UCSF Helen Diller Cancer Center I’d say that quote is worthy of its own …2019/08/29Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2019-08-29 01:43:50
Week #95: Summer + Chemo Almost Over“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”— Bob Marley That quote sits on my desk. I …2019/08/16Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2019-08-16 12:30:00
Get educated. Get screened. Support cancer research. Keep rollin’!Hey friends, Welcome to my blog about cancer prevention, screening awareness and cancer research fundraising for ALL types of cancer. This week marks #95 since …2019/08/12Cancer, Cancer Care, Cancer Research2019-08-12 13:18:42
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