Week #207 – Curing Cancer Is Hard – Time To Pivot Our Plan

Hey friends,
Thank you for all the support!
This week was tough as far as news and progress go. If it proves one thing, it proves curing cancer is damn hard business!

We had hoped my 90-day tests at UCSF would show the experimental treatment I received back in June is working as designed.  As I described on some social media posts, we looked at the situation and possible outcomes this way …

It’s like there are 3 doors in front of us:
Door 1 =
We could learn the trial is working. That means a trip to Survivor-Land and regular follow-up scans.
Door 2 =
We could learn we still don’t know definitively if the trial is working and there hasn’t been a significant negative change in my condition. That means staying the course in the clinical trial.
Door 3 =
We could learn of a significant negative change. That means we come off the clinical trial and we develop a new plan of action.
Well, now the results are in and it looks like we are going through Door 2.5.
My CT scans do show a small increase in some of the bad stuff. It’s not major activity but at this point in the clinical trial, we expect things to be moving in the other direction. And, by UCSF’s patient safety and clinical trial rules, that little activity is enough to bump me out of the trial study group and back into some maintenance chemo treatments.
On the upside, we’ll be using a chemo blend that I tolerate very well AND I get to keep the super-cells they put into me as part of the study. 😉I am a mutant, now and forever! (Worth a mention, the supercells still could possibly kick on at some point and do their thing. That means my “X-Men” status is still not off the table of possibilities!)
People have been asking me if I’m angry and telling me it’s okay to be mad about the situation. I just don’t think that is in me. Sure, I’m disappointed we won’t get a ticker-tape parade down at UCSF. But, I learned long ago, cancer is unpredictable and this type of change in plan comes with the territory.  Also, I’ve got nothing but gratitude for where I am today, the amazing shape I’m in, and the support I’m receiving from family, friends, colleagues, and cancer fighters from all around the world. I also keep these thoughts and experiences in mind:
Someone always has it worse. I saw this Tuesday in a young boy and his mom who were leaving UCSF Cancer Center. Seeing the kids is always heartbreaking and sobering for me.
We’ve helped advance cancer research that might help thousands of other patients. We started my clinical trial effort 1 year ago this month (True dat!). UCSF and PACT Pharma now have mountains of data from my case.  And, I will continue to check in with clinical study 1x per year in the years ahead. Even though I’m out, my progress and outcome will be monitored.
Our bigger picture progress continues to be miraculous. November 1st will mark the beginning of my 5th year on cancer mountain. The initial plan we developed 4 years ago with my amazing medical team at UCSF (and St. Joe’s Health) has been an incredible success. We knew heading into this there is no cure for my type of cancer. Our goal was/is to keep me in a steady-state and wait for a breakthrough to come along. It’s undeniable that we’ve been wildly successful in that mission to date. And, moving forward, we continue to have a wide range of treatment options at our disposal. You really cannot ask for much more on this nasty hill.
So, we move on, keep climbing, and keep at it.
I’ll re-start my chemo treatments (#51) in the weeks ahead and we’ll do scans again in December.
Thanks for all your support.
Keep rollin’,

Week #200 On Cancer Mountain … Introducing The New “Trailblazers Endowed Merit Award” From CONQUER CANCER

Hey friends,

It is Week #200 for me on the nasty hill and to mark this milestone I am going to ask you to join me in a special effort …

No matter what Cancer Mountain throws at me (and it certainly has thrown a lot!), I never lose sight of how fortunate I am:
* I have an amazing support team of family, friends, colleagues, and healthcare heroes. That’s all of you on Team Crafty.
* I have world-class healthcare insurance and benefits thanks to my employer, Salesforce.com.
* I have access to one of the best cancer centers on the planet, UCSF Helen Diller Cancer Center in San Francisco.
I’ve learned the hard way that all this makes me one of the most fortunate (and grateful) cancer fighters you will ever know. And, these advantages always motivate me to search for ways I might help other cancer patients in some meaningful way. I’ve concluded that can be done most effectively through supporting worldwide cancer research.

That’s why I’m really excited to help CONQUER CANCER, the ASCO Foundation, establish and launch this new award:

The Trailblazers Endowed Merit Award
This award is being established by trailblazing patient Mark A. Crafts and the generous supporters of Team Crafty. In 2021, after nearly 4 years of battling Stage IV colorectal cancer, Mark was among the very first patients in the USA to take part in an experimental treatment utilizing personalized Neo-Antigen T-cell Receptors (TCRs) to target solid tumors.
The CONQUER CANCER – Trailblazers Endowed Merit Award will be given each year to a promising researcher who submits an abstract related to solid tumor cancers.
* Abstract focus: colorectal, colon, liver, lung, head & neck cancers
* Candidate preference: low- and middle-income countries
* Presented each year at the ASCO Annual Meeting starting June 2022

You can join me in funding this annual award.
Just follow the steps here and DONATE today.
Together, we can help advance cancer breakthroughs …
and spread our strong message about innovation, inspiration, hope, and gratitude.

Thanks for all your support from near and far.
Keep rollin’,

P.S. Here’s a special message about support teams and the power of Team Crafty.

Hope & Help On Cancer Mountain: Sharing Some Experience From 45+ Months On The Hill (Video)

Hi friends, 
I had a lot of time during my recent stay at UCSF hospital and clinical trial launch period to put these videos together. 
Please share with everyone you know that’s wrestling with cancer.
Breakthroughs ARE happening and amazing things are always possible! 

Part 1 
* Sharing Hope And Inspiration
* When Did I Know Something Was Wrong?
* My First Diagnosis Experience
* Know You Are Stronger Than You Know


Part 2:
* They Call Me “A Walking Miracle And The Future of Medicine”
* Cancer Treatment Is Changing And Improving Dramatically!
* Healthcare Heroes, Our Angels On Earth


Part 3:
* What Your Doctors Really Want To Hear, Honesty
* Be Organized Like A Project Manager
* Use Your Cancer Center ‘Social Workers’ To Find Resources
* Be Grateful. Someone Out There Always Has It Worse
* Love, Hope, And Strength Come From Your Team – Build A Big One!

Thanks for all your support from near and far.
Mady, Nat and I are forever grateful.
Get educated. Get screened. Support cancer research.
Keep Rollin’!  MC

45 Months on Cancer Mountain … 30-Day Update On Our “Terminator” T-Cell Clinical Trial w/ UCSF Cancer Center & PACT Pharma — VIDEO

We did it! Our clinical trial is off to an amazing start and I should be cleared to head home this week. Have a look at this video for a detailed update on our experience.

Thanks for all your support from near and far!

We welcome you to share this post and video with anyone searching for a little hope and inspiration on cancer mountain.
Breakthroughs ARE happening!
Just look at us.

Get educated.
Get screened.
Support cancer research.
Keep rollin’! – MC 😎🧡💙🚀



WE HAVE LIFT-OFF! Crafty’s Clinical Trial – Using CAR-T Cells Against Solid Tumors – Is Now Successfully In-flight!

My View From “11 Long” At UCSF Parnassus Hospital, San Francisco

Hi Everyone! Imagine I’m toasting you all from high on the hill at San Francisco’s UCSF Parnassus Hospital, as you read this. On Monday, June 28th, I received my clinical trial, custom-built, CAR-T cells. Then, one week later, on Monday, July 5th, I received the last of a daily series of small booster-like shots of the cancer drug IL-2. The follow-ups are intended to help my new immune cells get off to a fast and solid start. Together, these two steps completed my clinical trial treatment. The custom designed and built T-Cells are now exactly where they should be. And, according to my doctors, this has been a really successful launch!

Hands down, this is the most amazing project delivery I have ever helped manage. Maybe I feel that way because I was the key deliverable! The goal was to get me from life-threatening cancer condition to a reasonably safe ‘sandbar’ condition and hope for a cancer breakthrough to come along. Our plan worked and we did it! It was 44 months and 4 days from my initial cancer diagnosis to my “go-live” with this potentially curative solution. I call that an amazing milestone worth celebrating. Woohoo!!! Hell yeah!!! F— cancer!!! …

That’s My Celebration Smile – And A Cool Spin Cycle My UCSF Nurses Found For Me.

Okay, now back to business …

The BIG SHOT itself was a very simple 1-hour infusion done right in my hospital room. While my medical team worked their magic, I was watching the Tour de France on the big screen TV. My new T-cells got delivered for my infusion looking like some frozen cocktail mix inside a beer keg – four small flat pouches inside a cryogenic freezer drum. The dry ice smoldering into the room when they opened the drum added a really nice sci-fi touch to whole affair!

The follow-up shots of IL-2 were a really routine experience. I got two small doses a day, morning and evening, through a basic syringe injection. I received really, really small doses of this drug relative to cancer patients who rely on IL-2 as their primary cancer-fighting drug. In my case, it’s just kind of a chaser to help my new customized T-cells activate in my system.

If all this is sounding to you like it may be a lot easier on patients then the rough routes of chemo, radiation, and surgery, you are exactly right. That’s the main promise of this trial solution. From here, we now move on to acceptance and progress monitoring, in the months and years ahead. Should all go as planned and the solution works, I will be unofficial property of UCSF Health and PACT Pharma through 2036. And, this clinical trial will deliver a major advance in using Immunotherapy CAR-T cells to treat colorectal, colon, liver, lung, and head & neck cancers. That is our big goal now.

None of this would have been possible without our #healthcareheroes at UCSF Health, St. Joe’s Health, and all of you on “Team Crafty” around the world. We have learned Cancer Mountain is full of brutal trails and it really takes a great team to support you every step of the way. Mady, Nat, and I, are forever grateful for the way you carry us.

We welcome you to share our story with anyone you know that’s wrestling with cancer. Hope is really powerful medicine for everyone in and around the cancer community. Breakthroughs are happening everyday and amazing things are always possible.
Just look at us.

Thanks again for all your support from near and far!!
We keep rollin’! – MC

P.S. Still no clear signs of what my mutant X-Men superpower will be. But all my patient education videos and movie options at the hospital are starting with this image. Do you think they are trying to tell me something?

My X-Men TV Channel At UCSF Parnassus

Now Ready To Join The X-Men! … Clinical Trial BIG SHOT In T-Minus 24 Hours

Well, it’s been a crazy and amazing past 8 months leading up to this very exciting point. My team and I have made it successfully through all the evaluations, screenings, tests, procedures, and advance treatments needed for Monday’s BIG SHOT. Tomorrow morning, I will receive an infusion of customized Neoantigen Targeted T-cells – engineered from my own cells and designed to attack my colorectal cancer anywhere it might be in my body. This new approach is on the leading edge of Immunotherapy solutions which hold great promise for the entire cancer community. My treatment is potentially ‘curative’ and may offer a new alternative to the cancer-fighting tools we’ve all known for the past hundred years of so; surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Getting here was no easy task. This is what our last 8 weeks alone looked like in chart form. Note, this is from my POV as the patient and doesn’t show any the numerous steps, gates, and hurdles tackled by our teammates preparing my treatment at UCSF and PACT Pharma:

Countdown Steps To The Big Shot

It is no stretch to say come Monday morning, we will be making some notable medical history. This is a groundbreaking trial because it is among the very first trials in the United States *utilizing customized Neoantigen T-cells to target solid tumors*. Should this trial be successful, it will be a major advance and breakthrough for 5 types of major cancers: colorectal, colon, liver, lung and head & neck cancers.

Along the way to this big day, I have worked hard to 1) be positive, 2) get physically fit, 3) stay engaged with others, and 4) wherever, whenever possible bring some fun and humor along on this dark trek. During the last 8 weeks that all seemed much more important than ever before. We documented some our big milestones in these photos. I am proud to say we (that is, all of Team Crafty and I) simply crushed all the hurdles along this final countdown.

I contend, with great confidence, you will never know a more grateful, more fortunate cancer fighter. I am blessed with amazing family support led by my wife Mady and daughter Natalie. I had the incredible good fortune to get sick within range of one of the very best cancer centers on the planet, UCSF Health in San Francisco. I have access to fantastic healthcare benefits through my employer, Salesforce.com. My extended family, all our friends, my colleagues, customers, and acquaintances from around world, our healthcare heroes and numerous fellow cancer-fighters have rallied around me and my family to create a supportive umbrella we call “Team Crafty”. No one … I repeat … no one, I have ever known has been better equipped or supported to take on this daunting challenge. Mady, Nat, and I are forever grateful for all your support from near and far.

If you are a fan of Marvel Comics and know their film series X-Men, you’ll understand why I joke that I have been an ‘X-Men Trainee’ throughout this cancer journey. X-Men are mutants with “eXtra super powers” that ordinary humans do not possess. Professor X, Magneto, and Wolverine are among the best known X-Men characters. And, Deadpool, my favorite character, has had numerous invites to join the X-Men ranks in the most recent movie story lines. Once I get the BIG SHOT tomorrow, I will technically be a mutant since the new customized T-cells will alter my existing cancer mutation at the cellular level throughout my body. And, when this treatment works, I should be an absolute shoo-in for X-Men status.

In the meantime, I welcome your feedback about what you think my X-Men super power should be / will be. I know I’d be very happy with the simple super power to instantly spread hope, inspiration, and treatment innovations all around the world to all those fighting cancer. (Oh, and the power to fix bicycle tire flats with a finger snap would be really cool too!)

Ready To Join The X-Men – Thanks for all your support!

Get educated. Get screened.
Support cancer research.
Keep rollin’!

P.S. You can subscribe to this blog using the link below and receive email alerts for all our clinical trial process and progress updates in the weeks ahead.

For more detail on my UCSF/PACT Pharma Clinical Trial … visit this link.

Week #192: Ready To Make Medical History = T-Minus 1 Week to ‘The Big Shot’

June 21, 2021

Well, it’s here! Our clinical trial kick-off is upon us. After nearly 8 months of testing and development, my customized T-Cells from PACT Pharma are ready. In fact, I’m told they are en route right now to UCSF Cancer Center. I will receive them in exactly one week from today by way of a 30-minute infusion which we are referring to as ‘The Big Shot’. And tomorrow morning, I start a 4-day series of prep chemo treatments to ready my system for all the new cancer-fighting cells.

I won’t kid you. This has been a very long, extremely challenging, complicated, and stressful journey to this point. I’ve learned that clinical trial patients like me are really just candidates until you make it through all the evaluation check-points. We continually face PASS-FAIL steps and evaluations on our way toward experimental treatment. Many steps are clearly marked and involve the patient directly while hundreds more happen behind the scenes in labs and medical rooms. At any point, you may fail out of clinical trial consideration based on all these screening processes, changes in trial criteria, or any number of other things that are out of your control. And, there is always the worst case scenario in which you are simply not physically able to continue. Nothing is really guaranteed until the very final clearance steps when you actually get the treatment.

Here’s a really high-level view of my recent path to the The Big Shot (…and note, this is just a small snapshot of the entire timeline):

The BIG SHOT Countdown Tracker – June 21, 2020

Arriving successfully at this launch point, combined with the simply stunning nature of my trial treatment*, makes this an incredible moment, milestone, and achievement for all of us associated with Team Crafty, UCSF Cancer Center, PACT Pharma — and, potentially, 5 major segments of the cancer community. That’s no exaggeration. I am one of only two colorectal cancer patients in this ground-breaking trial from UCSF and there is currently just a handful of participants nationwide. Further, should this clinical trial prove effective, it will be a major breakthrough for treatment of colorectal, colon, liver, lung, and head & neck cancers. (*See my recent “Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator T-Cells” blog post for more details about this amazing trial solution.)

There certainly are risks associated with this trial treatment, but the potential benefits to me and the rest of the cancer community, along with safety measures employed by UCSF and PACT Pharma, make the risks well worth taking. So now, it is all systems GO and we plan to make medical history. I could not be any more thankful or grateful for this opportunity.

Mady, Nat, and I are forever grateful for all your support from near and far.
“Team Crafty” has really come through and carried us wherever we’ve needed it.
We ask you now for a very special blast of all your good mojo, positive vibes, white lights, healing prayers, and ORANGE Power, to help us get over this last hill. Please keep sending it all our way. When we get over this last hurdle, we will keep working to help others on this same difficult trail.

Hands down, the luckiest guy you know and his super ladies.

Get educated. Get screened.
Support cancer research.
Keep rollin’,

For your health:
Consider me your trusty trail guide on Ass Cancer Mountain. Know that it is not some politician who wants to take away your red meat and cheeseburgers. It’s me, your doctor, and millions of other colorectal and colon cancer survivors all around the world. We all know that a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise, and regular cancer screenings are your best defenses from joining our ranks. Please listen to us! This article details recent medical proof of the connection between red meat consumption and colorectal cancer. Give it a look — and, better yet, cut back significantly on your red meat intake and look to healthier alternatives like fish and poultry. Take it from me — you don’t want to spend any time on cancer mountain and you can take some very simple steps today to keep yourself and your family off it. Start taking them and don’t delay!
Be healthy, stay safe, and keep rollin’,

Don’t Be Like Crafty — Stay Off Cancer Mountain!
Get educated. Get screened. Support cancer research. Keep rollin’.

We’ll be using this blog to post short updates on Mark’s progress in the coming weeks.
You can subscribe to receive our email alerts with the link below.

June 2021: Hitting Big Goals On Cancer Mountain … T-Minus 2 Weeks To Clinical Trial

I remember asking during my very first ‘chemo teach’ meeting, back in November 2017, “Can I keep riding my bike through this?” My oncologist had just explained to me the plans and logistics for my initial chemo protocol. In preparation for my Stage IV cancer surgery, I would be getting a steady cadence of chemotherapy infusions. It would be ‘1 week ON 2 weeks OFF’ over the 4 months approaching the surgery. Each session would involve a long 5-6 hour ‘chair sit’ session at the cancer center, immediately followed by another 48-hours connected to a mobile-infusion-device that I would carry around with me and wear at home. It all sounded dreadfully awful – really daunting and grueling and it confirmed many of my worst thoughts. I was in fact, no doubt about it, the newest resident of cancer mountain. I had crash landed on it, as people most do, with levels of disorientation, uncertainty, disbelief, fear, and panic like I’d never experienced before. Then, to my surprise, at the same time I was learning about the very dark dangers of my cancer and extreme treatment plan, my doctor’s answer to my question turned out to be the very first really hopeful thing I would hear on this very long, very tough path.

Her answer was … ‘Yes and you really should if you can! Staying physically active through treatment is highly recommended. It is a key common denominator we see in people who are surviving cancer today. You should keep riding – as long as you feel you can do it.” She went on to explain that exercise during cancer treatment has been proven* to:

  • Reduce your risk of depression and anxiety
  • Decrease the amount of time you need for hospital stays
  • Make your treatments more effective at destroying tumor cells
  • Improve your chances of surviving colorectal cancer, other cancers, and other diseases

Once I heard this, I decided immediately that cycling would be my main form of exercise. In addition to its medical benefits, I knew cycling could give me a sense of calm and control amidst all the chaos that comes with cancer, some feelings of forward progress on my fitness, and an endless outlet for new goals, connections, and activities I could look forward to in the future. And so, with my doctors’ blessing and green light, I started pedaling … and pedaling … and pedaling.

Fast forward to present … 3.5 years+, 4 surgeries, 25 rounds of radiation, and 46 rounds of chemo later … My cycling exercise has delivered on all of those benefits and much more. What started out as a few miles here and there to clear my head of ‘chemo fog’ has become something much bigger that consistently brings together my family, friends, acquaintances, and fellow cancer-fighters. We support each other and we support important cancer-research-related charities. This past weekend, I passed Mile 4000 on my e-bike*. (That means I only need 21,000 more to go the equivalent distance of one full lap around the world! ) And, later this month, my clinical trial treatment will launch on Monday, June 28th. My doctors at UCSF say my regular cycling exercise has helped put me in the best possible condition I can be in for this very big step. They call me ‘A Walking Miracle And The Future of Medicine‘. I am living proof of what is possible with today’s new and progressive cancer treatment solutions. That is a strong source of hope and inspiration for everyone in the cancer community and that’s something we are working to share near and far.

Mile 4000 – June 13, 2021

It’s T-Minus 2 Weeks to My Clinical Trial Launch
Our breakthrough clinical trial is approaching fast*. We will keep you posted on our progress through this blog. You can subscribe below to received notifications of all our new updates.

Thanks for all your support from near and far. Mady, Nat, and I are forever grateful.
We welcome you to share my story with anyone you think it may help.
Get educated.
Get screened.
Support cancer research.
Keep rollin’,

Reference Sources:
* ASCO / Cancer.net – Exercise During Cancer Treatment – Article Link
* Cycling Weekly – How Much Exercise Do You Get On An E-Bike – Article Link
* PACT Pharma / UCSF Clinical Trial – Past Blog Post Link

June 2021: Countdown To Blast Off For Our UCSF Clinical Trial … T-Minus 4 Weeks

Chemo Round #46 is now in the books – 6/2/21

If you are extremely lucky like me, at some point during your time on cancer mountain, a breakthrough will come along offering you a potential path to safety. Later this month, thanks to some very recent, major advances in Immunotherapy, I will be receiving an experimental, *potentially curative* treatment for my cancer. This is a truly amazing and very fortunate place to be after 3.5+ years of very rough climbing and tangling with the beast called cancer. It feels like we have reached a very promising clearing and solid launch pad off the mountain and out of the woods. Should this clinical trial be successful, it will be a major advance for treating 5 types of major cancers including Colon, Colorectal, Liver, Lung, and Head & Neck cancers.

A breakthrough like this was both our biggest hope and a key assumption when we first set our approach plan after my initial diagnosis back in late 2017. In order to address a metastatic cancer like mine (Stage IV, Colorectal), we’ve needed a combination of many things to come together in our favor. While time and new solutions were obvious key requirements, we also needed a world class team to design and execute my treatment regimen. Thankfully, we have had that in my wonderful crew of healthcare heroes at UCSF Cancer Center in San Francisco.

UCSF Bakar Cancer Hospital – Where medical magic happens

Since Nov 2017, my amazing team there has expertly worked our plan. In simplest terms, they aimed to arrest my cancer, keep it under tight control, and hope a relevant breakthrough arrives in time to get me to a safe place. They have worked seamlessly across their Oncology, Radiation, Surgery, Immunotherapy, and Clinical Trial departments and workgroups to incorporate and combine all their deep expertise wherever and whenever needed:
1) They have been vigilant about studying, developing, and tracking the latest cancer breakthroughs that might help my case.
2) They have leveraged all the existing tools we’ve had to fight cancer for the past 100 years or so. (Those tools are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. And, I’ve endured a lot of all three through my 4 surgeries, 25 rounds of radiation, and 46 rounds of chemo!)
3) They have successfully ramped me into this promising new clinical trial with PACT Pharma by balancing my ongoing treatments with the 6-month, multi-stage, multi-step onboarding process required for trial candidates.
It is no stretch to say that without my UCSF team I would not be here today. My family and I could not be more grateful or humbled by their continued efforts on our/my behalf.

Here’s my clinical trial schedule at a high level.
Over the next 3 weeks, we still have to tackle some final steps before my ‘big shot’:
– CT scans and tests … 6/15
– Biopsy, a baseline for the clinical study … 6/18
– Prep Chemo / 4 more rounds … 6/22, 6/23, 6/24, and 6/25
– The Big Shot … 6/28 … Should this clinical trial work as expected, the customized T-Cells provided by the ‘big shot’ will attack my cancer anywhere it may be hiding … and, I will not need any more surgery, radiation or chemo.
– Monitoring … 6/29 through June 2036 … Yes, you read that right. The study will run for 15 years and I will be tracked throughout.

So when I tell you I am the most fortunate, most grateful cancer-fighter you will ever know, now you know why. As one of my UCSF team members said to me some time ago, “Mark, you really are a walking miracle and the future of medicine”. I believe that is true and so should you.

Blast off in T-Minus 25 Days … and I say “Bring it!”
Thanks for all the support from near and far.
Mady, Nat, and I are forever grateful.

Get educated.
Get screened.
Support cancer research.
Keep rollin’!

For more detail on my UCSF/PACT Pharma Clinical Trial … visit this link.

Cycle for Survival 2021 … Supporting MSK & Beating Rare Cancers … My Message to Team Salesforce and All CFS Riders: THANK YOU!

Here’s a message I just sent to all my Salesforce colleagues who are participating in the 2021 Cycle for Survival event tomorrow in New York / New Jersey … on the field at MetLife Stadium.

Hey team,

I am really proud to be a Cycle for Survival Ambassador this year and I want to personally thank you for supporting Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) and their work to cure Rare Cancers. 

While my cancer is not rare, I’ve learned through my 3+ years on Cancer Mountain that all cancers are connected in someway. In addition, I strongly believe everyone that has gone before me on this brutally tough trail … that might be you, a friend or family member who has battled cancer … has made my path along with the paths of millions of others easier.

I am living proof of that. After 44 rounds of chemo, 25 rounds of radiation, and 4 surgeries, I am now in a potentially curative clinical trial with UCSF Health. Mine is a story of hope, inspiration and innovation made possible only by the decades of groundbreaking work and advances pioneered and delivered by MSK and other leading cancer institutes.

So again, I thank you and I’m grateful for your all efforts. Make no mistake, those efforts will be felt worldwide throughout the cancer community far beyond what you experience tomorrow on MetLife field. What you are doing really matters today, tomorrow and well into the future.

With infinite gratitude,
San Francisco, CA

If you’d like to support the fight against Rare Cancers,
you can donate through Team Salesforce at this link >> Donate Here.

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