Meet Me in a Land of Hope and Dreams – April 2022

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Bruce Springsteen’s Land of Hope and Dreams

Well, Big Wheels Roll in Fields Where Sunlight Streams
This past weekend I rode in the Levi’s GranFondo cycling event in Windsor CA with my great friends David Schneider, Gary Hollingshead, and Kurt Romstad – along with my brothers-in-law, Dan DaDalt and Reg Govan. It was really an amazing day, all 68 miles of it! If you’d told me 2 weeks ago I’d get through this, I wouldn’t have believed you. My bike miles have come slowly over the past few months. I couldn’t be more grateful for how this crew watched out for me and got me through the long day and ride. With their support – and a very big boost of M&Ms and Oreos at mile 33 – I felt like nothing could stop me. Throughout the day, I told anyone who would listen that I was absolutely the luckiest individual they could possibly meet among the hundreds of participants. I know this experience was really special medicine which will carry me a very long way.
Thank you David, Gary, Kurt, Dan and Reg for making it happen!

Meet Me in a Land of Hope and Dreams …
This time of my chemo cycles is always challenging. I finished Round #56 last week. This week we’ll do some status scans and determine our path ahead. “Scanxiety” is a real thing (have a look at’s definition here) and every cancer patient experiences it to some degree. I get through my Scanxiety by thinking of my possible outcomes this way …
– Door 1 ~ our hopes and dreams for the best outcome come true
– Door 2 ~ we must roll on in steady state, keeping The Beast in check
– Door 3 ~ well, nobody wants Door 3, but you need to be ready for anything
So, in short, that’s hope for the best, be satisfied with staying the course, and be prepared for potential bad news. Mix that in with the amazing Orange Power and Blue Mojo I get from family, friends and my healthcare team and I find there is always room for great HOPE! Of course, a few rainbows here and there along the way can help the cause too. I spotted this one last Thursday as I prepped for my last chemo dose of Round #56.

I’ll Stand By Your Side
You’ll Need a Good Companion For This Part of the Ride …

I’m really proud of what Team Crafty has accomplished recently with the Conquer Cancer Foundation. It’s great to stand together with my family, friends and Conquer to help other cancer patients and help advance cancer research. Here’s what I’m talking about:

  • Conquer Cancer is releasing a special video of our story next week on May 2nd. Its purpose is to share some hope with cancer patients nationwide. I’ve seen some of the work in progress and I’m confident it’s going to be really special.
  • Conquer’s newTrailblazers Merit Awardfor cancer researchers is officially a go and will be awarded for the first time in June at the big ASCO Annual Meeting. Thanks to all our family, friends and Salesforce for helping fund this endowed annual award. Three of my world-class UCSF cancer doctors earned Merit Award distinctions from ASCO early in their careers – it is really a catalyst for the brightest minds in cancer research. So I know all of our future Trailblazer award winners are going to help thousands of other cancer patients during their respective careers. That will be a lasting positive impact on the cancer community for which we can all be proud.
  • My recent podcast with Dr. Mark Lewis is worth a listen if you haven’t heard it. We cover a lot of ground including thoughts on how to process cancer statistics mentally and emotionally, how music can be transformative for patients, tips for packing for a hospital stay … and of course, Team Crafty’s message of hope and gratitude.
    You can listen to it here.

Yeah, Leave Behind Your Sorrows
Let This Day Be The Last
Well, Tomorrow There’ll Be Sunshine
And All This Darkness Past

Thank you for all the support from near and far.
We feel it every day and you carry us when we need it most.
Mady, Nat, and I are forever grateful.

Get educated.
Get screened.
Support cancer research.
Keep rollin’!

Doesn’t seem possible that I’m approaching 5000 miles on my e-bike but I am.
I expect to hit it during the week of 5/3 and 5/5, my birthday and Conquer Cancer Day.
If you’d like to join me and Mady in Petaluma for a short ride to mark the big milestone, please reach out. Plan to bring your bike and some of your Orange Power or Blue Mojo colors for a special Team Crafty photo …
Orange ~ for Conquer Cancer Foundation
Blue ~ for Colorectal Cancer Awareness

10 Lessons I’ve Learned On Cancer Mountain … And “Orange Power” Needed For Ukraine

Hi friends,

In good conscience I can’t give you an update on my steady cancer care here in California before first acknowledging what’s happening to the cancer community under attack in Europe. As I’m treated here with every advantage one can have, thousands of Ukrainian cancer patients have lost everything they depend on; their homes, hospitals, cancer centers, supporting medical professionals, and access to life-saving medicines. They desperately need help, as will neighboring countries taking in survivors. It’s a heartbreaking horror with no clear endpoint in sight.

The global cancer community has mobilized quickly to provide help. American Cancer Society (ACS) and American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) have teamed up – in unprecedented fashion – with other leading cancer organizations to provide support for Ukrainian cancer patients and their families. This article provides details. Please give it a look, share far and wide, and help if you can.
How You Can Help Ukrainian Cancer Patients At ‘Grave Risk’ – March 10, 2022

I can tell you Cancer Mountain is already dangerous enough and scary enough without having to deal with the life-threatening forces of war. Let’s do whatever we can to help all our Ukrainian cancer sisters and brothers. They really need all the supportive ‘Orange Power’ we can muster worldwide on their behalf. – MC


We did a big interview and video shoot out here in Petaluma last week with Conquer Cancer Foundation. It was a very unique and special opportunity to share some of the hope you’ve all given us through your unwavering support. 

Now that the crew has packed up and rolled down the road, I’ve been thinking about all the key thoughts I wanted to convey. I confess; I’m not entirely sure what’s going to be the finished product. What can I say? Chemo brain fog is a real thing. At the very least, I can assure you it will be beautiful. I know that because of two things – we shot it outside on Petaluma’s west side and Mady is in it.

To cover my bases on the message content, I put together this list. I hope there’s something here that helps you and your team.

10 Lessons Learned In My 1600+ Days On Cancer Mountain

  1. You don’t want to be here!
    Get educated and get screened
    Please trust me on this one. You can take some very simple steps right now to prevent yourself and your family from crashing on cancer mountain like I did. Talk with your doctor about what’s right for you and your family. Set a plan for screenings and get them done on time! No cheating. This can save your life and keep you and your family out of a world of hurt. *The new screening age for Colorectal Cancer is 45!
  2. All of us can help accelerate life-saving cancer research.
    And we all should!
    Breakthroughs save lives. In the famous words of SNL’s Dr. Weknowdis, “We know dis.” Seriously, it’s a proven fact. Right now, millions of healthcare professionals worldwide are working on breakthroughs to cure ALL types of cancer. They need our support to keep advancing the decades of great work that’s brought us to this new era of cancer treatment. So go find a great organization and get behind them with your volunteer hours and financial support. The lives you help save may be right within our own family and personal circle. I welcome you to join me and Team Crafty in supporting the Conquer Cancer Foundation.
  3. You are a cancer survivor from the day you are diagnosed.
    That’s Day 1 forward.
    True. One does not need to be declared cancer-free to be regarded as a survivor. The National Cancer Institute defines a survivor as “One who remains alive and continues to function during and after overcoming a serious hardship or life-threatening disease. In cancer, a person is considered to be a survivor from the time of diagnosis until the end of life.” I know I personally draw a lot of mental and emotional horsepower out of this information. It means that I’m a survivor right now. I have been since Nov 2017 and I will be until I’m hit by that steamroller or I’m eaten by that shark.
  4. You are not alone.
    There is help all around you

    The day you’re told you have cancer might well be the shittiest day of your life. That’s certainly a slam dunk statement for those of us who’ve been told we have colorectal cancer. It doesn’t get any shittier than that! If your experience is anything like mine … your world goes dark, you feel alone, and just about everything in your life gets immediately turned upside down, reordered and reprioritized. It took me about 2 weeks to start seeing anything through all the darkness, fear and despair. As I did, I was truly amazed by all the healthcare pros (aka angels on earth), family, friends, fellow patients and survivors who came forward to help me get started on my path. When your initial shock and fog starts to clear, be sure to ask others for help and direction. The key thing to know is the cancer community is full of people who’ve been on or know your path and they are ready to help you. Your doctors are a great starting point for what’s available to you. Beyond them, I have found resources like ASCO’s site are invaluable help for learning and navigating everything about cancer A-to-Z. That one in particular is a really great resource for you, your family and your caregivers.
  5. It’s important to stay engaged and connected with others.
    This is a tough one for many people. But it’s key to your own and your family’s mental health. Do whatever it takes to fight the urges to crawl under a blanket, disconnect from the world and suffer in silence. That’s no good for you or your loved ones. Surviving on this nasty hill is easier for you and your family when you handle it as a team. If not for yourself, do it for your loved ones. They are experiencing all the ups and downs of this awful trail right along with you.
  6. Set goals for things big and small and near and far
    If you’ve ever had any experience with the power of goal-setting or visualizing success, like in sports, business, or fitness training, trust me when I tell you that’s invaluable for you on cancer mountain. Also, I’ve learned over 4 years and 4+ months in this nasty place that it’s good to think of your time here like a marathon, not a sprint. So, it really helps to visualize success, set pacing and milestones, build routines, count, measure, and goal-set anything and everything you can. Celebrate the goals you hit and reset the ones you miss. Like #5, setting goals and tracking progress packs great mental health benefits for you – and your team.
  7. Stay active and fit.
    Keep moving!
    The American Cancer Society puts it this way:
    Research shows that for most people exercise is safe and helpful before, during, and after cancer treatment … It can: 
    • Help your body and brain work better
    • Reduce feeling tired (fatigue)
    • Help lessen depression and anxiety
    • Might help you sleep better
    • Keep or improve your physical ability to get things done
    • Improve your muscle strength, bone health and range of motion
    • Strengthen your immune system
    • Increase your appetite
    • Help you get to and maintain a healthy weight
    • May help with breast cancer-related lymphedema (and does not increase risk)
    • Decrease the chance that some types of cancer will come back
    • Improve your quality of life
    • Reduce treatment side effects 

So now you know where that motivation and determination come from for my cycling.  When I was first diagnosed, I asked my doctors if I could keep riding my bike through treatment. I honestly did not expect to hear them say “Yes! We really encouraged that. As long as you feel you can, keep doing it. That will really help your treatments.” I took that and ran – or should I say rolled. I encourage you to figure out what you can keep doing through your treatments (with your doc’s approval, of course) and get out there – regularly!

  1. Be grateful and know that gratitude is medicine.
    I know this is true because I read it on the wall at University of California, San Francisco, Helen Diller Cancer Center. Seriously, it is true and it has been proven over and over in multiple studies. Here’s one from December 2021 from UM & UCSF.  I know there is something to be thankful for even on my your worst days. It can be really small … start there and build your gratitude list. For example, if you are able to read this, walk under your own power, or if you are simply ‘on the right side of the grass today’ as the old expression goes, be grateful for that. 
  2. You are stronger than you’ll ever know.
    As I write this today, I’ve been on cancer mountain for over 1600 days. That’s 4 years and 4 months or 227 weeks. In that time I’ve been through 54 rounds of chemo, 25 rounds of radiation, 11 months with an ileostomy, 4 surgeries, and 1 immunotherapy clinical trial. People ask me how I’ve gotten to this point and honestly it’s unbelievable to me too. I know I have a great support team, incredible doctors, and access to great healthcare. Those are certainly my key foundation blocks. In addition those great advantages, I believe there is a little bit of superhero power that lives in each of us. You never really know it is there until you really need it. But when you do, trust me, it really responds. Mine started as a little glow (orange, of course) that’s just gotten stronger and stronger as others have encouraged and supported me all along my long path. Granted there are days I don’t want to get out from under the blankets, but those are greatly outnumbered by the days when I feel like I can walk through a wall, climb a mountain, or most realistically, ride a bike. You may have doubts about your own strength. I know I did and I often do. But take each day, each procedure, and each treatment at a time. Pace yourself. Give yourself breaks and rest whenever you need them. Above all, trust yourself. Know that you really are stronger and more resilient than you’ll ever know. There is a deep strength in you that will come out when you really need it and when you call for it.
  3. There’s Always Hope
    We have entered a new era in cancer care. There have been incredible advances in the past 5-10 years and breakthroughs are happening everyday all around the world. Closer to home, if you need proof, just consider the Team Crafty story. We continue to use the cancer-fighting tools of chemo, radiation and surgery to keep my cancer at bay while waiting for new breakthroughs. We keep rollin’. I hope that you can too. Amazing things are possible when we support each other, our healthcare heroes, and cancer research. 

Okay, cut! That’s a wrap.
Thanks for all your support!

Call your doctor today about that appointment you’ve been pushing off.
It can save your life!
And, thanks to everyone supporting our March fundraiser for cancer research.
We’re almost to goal! We keep rollin’!

World Cancer Day ’22 … Grateful For All My 1556 Days On The Nasty Hill!

Okay, weird headline, I know.
But remember it really beats the alternative!
I’m alive today because of amazing support, medical experts, and cancer breakthroughs.
And there’s no better time than #WorldCancerDay to shout that from hilltops.
So here we go.
My case is an example of what’s possible with breakthrough treatment and excellent care. We share the “Team Crafty” story because …
1) we can help show people what’s possible and share some hope
2) we know that millions worldwide need access to both basic and better cancer care
3) cancer really sucks and we all should do all we can to keep others off this bad #$&% mountain!
We welcome you to share our story with anyone you know in the cancer community.
Amazing things are always possible when we support each other and cancer breakthroughs.
Keep rollin’,

Some Really Special Messages And Pics From Around The Team

UCSF Health – Social Media
This was such a great boost and very special honor to receive on World Cancer Day. After all I credit UCSF with keeping me rolling. It’s really me who should be honoring them!

Healthcare Heroes at UCSF Parnassus Hospital
Can you spot the angels in this picture? They are the ones behind the bears, sunglasses and t-shirts. Last week we dropped off some special treats for our incredible nursing crew at UCSF Parnassus. This team carried me through the clinical trial treatment for 10 days on the “12-Long” Floor. It was a really, really long stay and they made me feel right at home – even bringing a spin bike into my hospital room! Thank you Alana and team! Each and every one one you of are members of Team Crafty for life!

Cancer Research – Team Crafty Fundraising Update

We’re establishing a new award with Conquer Cancer Foundation that is going to recognize promising cancer researchers. It’s called the Trailblazers Merit Award and it’s going to be awarded EVERY YEAR starting in June 2022. We’re about 1/2 way to our goal and we welcome you to join us.

  • Conquer Cancer Foundation is the nonprofit arm of ASCO – the American Society of Clinical Oncology which has 45,000+ members.
  • The Conquer Cancer Merit Awards are very important and highly regarded in the cancer community. Three (3) of my world-class UCSF doctors are past Merit Award winners. This is really a career-shaper and research concepts presented get routed quickly by ASCO for serious consideration and review in the medical community.
  • Candidates for the “Trailblazers Merit Award” are researchers worldwide working on solutions for solid tumor cancers like mine (colorectal), along with colon, liver, lung and head & neck cancers.
  • This is a really timely effort. Just this week you may have seen the big news about 2 clinical trial patients who were declared ‘cured’ of leukemia. This is HUGE NEWS.! Both were part of a CAR-T clinical trial for blood cancer that started 10 years ago. If CAR-T sounds familiar it should … That’s the same technology now buzzing through yours truly. Many news reports of this breakthrough carried closing paragraph stating the next big challenge is to make this kind of solution work for solid tumors. That’s where our Trailblazer Award is aimed. So this fundraising effort is really in step with what the worldwide cancer community needs.
Thanks for all your support!

Happy New Year ’22! Good Tunes Always Help Us Keep Rollin’

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year!
This is a really fun update and a great way to kick-off the year.

My dear friend, Tim Schafbuch of Petaluma’s KPCA 103.3FM community radio station, invited me on his show, Rockpile, this week. We talked about how music has helped me along my trail on cancer mountain and we spun some very special songs.
You can have a listen to the show here:

KPCA 103.3FM … Rockpile: Tim Schafbuch and Mark Crafts … January 3, 2022

Note: Because I’m a stickler on song credits and presentation errors, I must point out an error I made when introducing “You’re Only Lonely”. Jimmy Fortune sang with the Statler Brothers – not the Gatlin Brothers as I said on air. If you all will permit me – and with sincere apologies to both Mr. Fortune and the Statlers – I’m just gonna blame that little mix-up on all my chemo! Everybody okay with that?

Thanks so much for this great experience, Tim and KPCA!
I had a blast. Let’s do it again soon!
Keep rollin’,

Promo Post By Tim & KPCA

Rockpile 1/3/2022 Playlist (on Spotify) …

KPCA FM 103.3 Petaluma Community Radio – Rockpile w/ Tim Schafbuch – 1/3/2022 Playlist

We invite all family and friends to join us in supporting Conquer Cancer Foundation and their new Trailblazers Merit Award. Team Crafty is helping them create and launch this award. It’s our special way of giving back to the cancer community and it will help thousands of other cancer patients many years into the future. We got this idea after learning three of my UCSF doctors are past Merit Award winners. As one stated, “What you’re doing with this new award is really fantastic. The Conquer Awards really get things moving for you and your research projects. They draw worldwide interest and put you on the map. Everyone in the cancer community follows them.”
Learn more about this effort >> HERE.

Goodbye 2021! … Plus Some Great News Heading Into The New Year

Hi friends,

I couldn’t be happier to share this latest update. We are so ready to say goodbye to 2021 and this holiday season has been extra, extra special for us.

Last week, my UCSF doctors confirmed some great news. After 3 chair-sit chemo infusions and 336 chemo-on-the-go pills, between October and mid-December, it appears we have successfully given my cancer a very solid kick in the ass! My latest CT scans showed the progress we wanted to see and I’ve earned a treatment break. That means no more #chemo for a good while – at least until we get past #WorldCancerDay in February. After a total of 53 rounds of chemo, 25 rounds of radiation, 4 surgeries, and 1 clinical trial, to date, that’s just about the best damn holiday present ever!

I strongly believe the incredible power of “Team Crafty” carries us along this good path, working right alongside all the cutting-edge cancer medicine. That’s your love, hope, faith, friendship, magic mojo, prayers, positive vibes, white lights, and “orange power“! We feel it all … and, it confirms for me every day that amazing things are always possible when we support each other, our #healthcareheroes, and #cancerresearch.

If you need more convincing, just have a look at our Cancer Mountain year-in-review montage to see what I’m talking about:

Thanks for all the love and support from near and far. 
We really believe we do this together and we could not do it without you.
We are forever #grateful
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!  
We keep rollin’,

We invite all family and friends to join us in supporting Conquer Cancer Foundation and their new Trailblazers Merit Award. Team Crafty is helping them create and launch this award. It’s our special way of giving back to the cancer community and it will help thousands of other cancer patients many years into the future. We got this idea after learning three of my UCSF doctors are past Merit Award winners. As one stated, “What you’re doing with this new award is really fantastic. The Conquer Awards really get things moving for you and your research projects. They draw worldwide interest and put you on the map. Everyone in the cancer community follows them.”
Learn more about this on our GIVE page >> HERE.

Week #217 – My Message To The Newly Diagnosed, There’s Always Hope

Hey friends,
This past week, a co-worker reached out for help. I could immediately sense their feelings of overwhelming despair, panic and fear. They’d just gotten word of their cancer diagnosis. My own experience – 217 weeks ago – with those very first hours and days on cancer mountain came right back to me. I remember, at first, feeling like all I could see was darkness and then slowly – very slowly – lights started to come up around the many people and resource groups ready and willing to help me. My co-worker’s ask and plight got me thinking about the best ways I can share some of my experience and positive reassurance with anyone that’s just landed on the nasty hill with us. This note below is a good start. And please, by all means, feel free to share it with anyone you know that needs a helping hand:

Team Crafty Is On Your Team And There’s Always Hope

We wish you all good health and the best possible outcomes this holiday season.
Amazing things are always possible when we support each other – and cancer research.
Keep rollin’!,

Quick update on my treatments and our latest fundraising:
* Chemo cycle #53 ends Monday, 12/14.
* Status scans and next steps to follow before Xmas.
* Our Keep Rollin’! Gear fund drive for Conquer Cancer Foundation runs thru 12/22.
* See details here >>
* Please share some of our #HOPE with the #cancer fighters close to you.
Thanks for all you support!
We are forever #grateful,

HOPE and Bears Spotted On Cancer Mountain, Heading Your Way!

Team Crafty’s Campsite Way Up On Cancer Mountain
(aka Brewsters Miracle, Petaluma, CA)

Hey friends,
I won’t bury the headline. Team Crafty’s campsite up on cancer mountain was overrun by hundreds and hundreds of little magical bears on Thursday night. I’m sorry to report they got into our new Keep Rollin’! Gear and quickly dispatched one of our newest products for a different purpose. Sorry to those of you that might have been eyeing the KR scarf. The bears ate them. That said, what the little guys left behind for us is really special.

Gather ’round and let me tell you the story.

It was another cold and dark night …
way, way, way up …
way, way, way up …
way, way, way up …
(repeat about more 50 times!)
high on the nasty hill we call cancer mountain.

I was making my way from Chemo Latrine to our main Mess Hall when I heard some rustling over by our Medical Supply Tent and our Bike Racks. (Remember, Team Crafty’s been at this for 4+ years. We’ve got quite a little compound up here!) With a touch of concern I might not have secured our new gear boxes adequately, I scanned my flashlight over in the direction of the noise. What I saw shocked even me, and that sayin’ something because I’ve pretty much seen it all up here on the mountain.

What looked like a tidal wave of tiny bears was forming around our Supply Tent. They were coming from everywhere and the wave was getting bigger and bigger by the second. As I watched in disbelief, frozen in awe, I felt a tug on my leg. It was one of the little bears and he was gesturing he wanted to talk to me.

I leaned down and he said, “Hey, big guy, relax. We’re here to help. We’ve been watching you and your team. Really, really amazing what you’ve been able to do. Incredible, really. We’ve never seen anything like it. We love the new products too. But, ya know, you’re missing something for the little people and the people who can’t ride. We can fix that and you’re gonna love it. Just watch.” With that he popped on a pair of cool sunglasses and slipped me a pair too, adding, “Put these on, quick!”

Just then, the sky exploded into brilliant orange as a comet streaked overhead. As the sky blazed bright, I heard a series of loud bangs from what sounded like t-shirt cannons and my field of vision flooded with what looked like blue confetti. It felt like someone had just thrown me from darkness into the center of a Jackson Pollack painting, created with our team’s cancer-fighting colors – Conquer Cancer orange and CRC blue.

It was all over in an instant. When everything settled, the scene before me was simply magical. All the bears were now wearing tiny blue t-shirts emblazoned with an orange image. The tidal wave of tiny bears had a become a sea of glowing orange Hope Hearts.

The little guy at my side said. “Damn now, isn’t that just about the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?” I was still paralyzed with shock as he continued on, “Sorry about the scarves. We think people are gonna like us a lot better and you can send us anywhere you think somebody might need a little hope and support. We’re guessing kids and anyone who’s new to the nasty hill are probably really good places to start. Think you and your friends can help arrange that?” I remember stammering something that sounded like approval. My mind was soup in a blender.

He could tell I was still trying to process everything that had just happened. After studying me in silence for a couple more moments, I heard him say “Let’s do it. I think he can handle it. Besides, who’s ever gonna believe him? This guy’s had 53 rounds of chemo!” The close group of bears around me erupted in laughter before turning to the larger crowd, shouting “Okay, gang, hit it!”

And then …

The whole mountainside of little bears started to sing together:

When the night, has come
And the land is dark
And the moon, is the only, light we’ll see
No I won’t, be afraid
No I won’t, be afraid
Just as long, as you stand, stand by me
So darlin’, darlin’ stand, by me
Oh-oh stand by me
Oh stand, stand by me, stand by me … *

And that’s our story of Hope … Team Crafty’s Cancer Mountain Comfort Bear.
Send some Hope to the cancer fighters close to you this holiday season.
Proceeds benefit the Conquer Cancer Foundation which is helping advance cancer research and cancer breakthroughs for ALL types of cancer. Amazing things are always possible when we support each other and cancer research.**

Thanks for all your love and support from near and far.
Happy Holidays and Keep Rollin’!,
Team Crafty

Order Link – Hope Bears

*Stand by Me lyrics © Sony/atv Songs Llc
Songwriters: Ben E. King / Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller

**For more ways you can help and get involved in your cancer community, see this great guidance provided by ASCO’s site – Making A Difference.

It’s Time To Light Up Cancer Mountain!

Nov 30th – Chemo Round #53 – Across the street from UCSF Cancer Center, San Francisco

Team Crafty’s Keep Rollin’! Gear for Cancer Fighters and Cancer Research is Here.
See the new GEAR page on our site, a holiday fund drive for Conquer Cancer Foundation.

Hey friends,
Let’s light up #cancer mountain for the holidays with a blast of brilliant Conquer Cancer ‘orange power’ and that incredible Team Crafty positive mojo you send to me, Mady, and Nat from everywhere. I picked these products based on my own 4+ years on the nasty hill. Please also consider that little orange pedaler a direct message of support and encouragement directly from us to you and your family.
We are all in this together.
Amazing things are always possible when we support each other and cancer research.
Share these products, along with our story of hope and gratitude, with the cancer fighters close to you.
Happy holidays,
Keep rollin’,

Happy Thanksgiving ’21 … Three Ways You Can Help The Cancer Fighters Close To You

Hey now, we know it was yesterday. But, Thanksgiving isn’t just one day a year for us. If you know our story, you know that Team Crafty is thankful for every day!

As we embark on our own Year 5 on cancer mountain, we’d like to share some of the incredible positive mojo you’ve given us with the cancer-fighters close to you. We’ve come up with these 3 simple ways we can do it together:

  1. We Invite You to Share the Team Crafty Story.
    If you know someone that’s been newly diagnosed with cancer, they might appreciate knowing …
    – treatment has changed dramatically for the better in just the past few years
    – breakthroughs are happening all the time
    – amazing things are always possible
    – they are not alone
    – there a millions of people like me out there on the trail with them
    – there is hope
    Conquer Cancer Foundation just published this profile on us >> see this link
    The Gift of Science / Mark Crafts

2) You Can Give A Friend Some Of Our Keep Rollin’! Gear Designed For Cancer Mountain
I won’t lie to you. The nasty hill is a goddamned awful place that can be cold, lonely, scary, and overwhelming. COVID’s just made it worse. For cancer-long-haulers like me, you typically say goodbye to your family in the hospital or treatment center parking lot and go it alone for your treatment sessions. And, even after your session is done, you often wrestle with side effects for days/weeks on end. Sometimes something as simple as a cozy blanket, a soft bag, a warm hat or scarf – from a special friend – can make a world of difference for you both physically and mentally. That’s where our Keep Rollin’ gear comes in. You can buy and give these items to friends who need a little comfort, help and reassurance. Note, that bright orange rider and the Keep Rollin’! message is from us to you and your friend(s) — Team Crafty is on YOUR team just like you are on ours! All proceeds and additional donations go directly to Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation. 
Get Your Gear Here >>

3) You Can Help Launch The “Trailblazers Merit Award” For Cancer Researchers From Conquer Cancer Foundation / ASCO
I’m really excited about this because it will be awarded to a promising cancer researcher every year starting next June. That’s going to make a lasting, positive impact in the cancer community that will help thousands. I know this because three of my own doctors at UCSF are past winners of merit awards and each one is regarded as a world-class expert in their respective field. The new merit award, named and endowed by Team Crafty, will be helping mint more cancer experts just like them.
You can make a tax deductible charitable donation directly to Conquer Cancer Foundation on our Crafty fundraiser page.
Donate Here >>

Please share this post far and wide — and please remember Conquer Cancer Foundation for your #GivingTuesday and year-end giving plans.

Get educated.
Get Screened.
Support cancer research.
Keep rollin’!

Thanks for all your support.
We are forever grateful.

P.S. For more information and ideas about making a difference in the cancer community, visit this great resource page from (powered by ASCO and Conquer Cancer Foundation).

Keep Rollin!’ Gear Is Here = Helpful Gifts For The Cancer Fighters Close To You

Hey Friends,

Just in time for the holidays! 
Our new Keep Rollin’! gear is now available.
>> Have a look and order here.
Each selection makes a great gift and the collection is based on our own lessons learned, thinking about what might help make someone else’s path a little easier.
All proceeds will go to Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation to help fund our new Trailblazers Merit Award for cancer researchers.
Buy now and your gear will be delivered to you between Christmas and New Year’s, shortly after our fund drive ends.
Thanks for all your support from near and far.
Keep rollin’,

P.S. About the products and respective underlying lessons:
Gear Bag ~ Perfect for the slog to/from the treatment center. Backpacks are too heavy and strappy while a string bag keeps it simple and light.
Scarf ~ Sometimes you don’t need a big blanket when you’re sitting in the chemo chair or wanting to fight off a nagging room draft.
Blanket ~ Extra warmth and refuge is always a good thing on the nasty hill!
Beanie ~ Much more dapper and warm for those days when you want to protect the dome.
Travel Bottle ~ When the hospital coffee, apple juice, or ginger ale isn’t cutting it for you … bring your own blend.
Shirt ~ Help spread the Team Crafty message – Get Educated. Get Screened. Support Cancer Research. Keep Rollin’!

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