Goodbye 2021! … Plus Some Great News Heading Into The New Year

Hi friends,

I couldn’t be happier to share this latest update. We are so ready to say goodbye to 2021 and this holiday season has been extra, extra special for us.

Last week, my UCSF doctors confirmed some great news. After 3 chair-sit chemo infusions and 336 chemo-on-the-go pills, between October and mid-December, it appears we have successfully given my cancer a very solid kick in the ass! My latest CT scans showed the progress we wanted to see and I’ve earned a treatment break. That means no more #chemo for a good while – at least until we get past #WorldCancerDay in February. After a total of 53 rounds of chemo, 25 rounds of radiation, 4 surgeries, and 1 clinical trial, to date, that’s just about the best damn holiday present ever!

I strongly believe the incredible power of “Team Crafty” carries us along this good path, working right alongside all the cutting-edge cancer medicine. That’s your love, hope, faith, friendship, magic mojo, prayers, positive vibes, white lights, and “orange power“! We feel it all … and, it confirms for me every day that amazing things are always possible when we support each other, our #healthcareheroes, and #cancerresearch.

If you need more convincing, just have a look at our Cancer Mountain year-in-review montage to see what I’m talking about:

Thanks for all the love and support from near and far. 
We really believe we do this together and we could not do it without you.
We are forever #grateful
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!  
We keep rollin’,

We invite all family and friends to join us in supporting Conquer Cancer Foundation and their new Trailblazers Merit Award. Team Crafty is helping them create and launch this award. It’s our special way of giving back to the cancer community and it will help thousands of other cancer patients many years into the future. We got this idea after learning three of my UCSF doctors are past Merit Award winners. As one stated, “What you’re doing with this new award is really fantastic. The Conquer Awards really get things moving for you and your research projects. They draw worldwide interest and put you on the map. Everyone in the cancer community follows them.”
Learn more about this on our GIVE page >> HERE.

Published by Mark Crafts

I am a Stage IV cancer survivor with a very hopeful and amazing story. Surgery, chemo, radiation … I’ve have been through it all during 44+ months of treatment. Now, I am a UCSF clinical trial patient loaded with “Terminator” T-cells which may provide a major breakthrough for colorectal, colon, liver, lung, and head & neck cancers. Amazing things are always possible!

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