HOPE and Bears Spotted On Cancer Mountain, Heading Your Way!

Team Crafty’s Campsite Way Up On Cancer Mountain
(aka Brewsters Miracle, Petaluma, CA)

Hey friends,
I won’t bury the headline. Team Crafty’s campsite up on cancer mountain was overrun by hundreds and hundreds of little magical bears on Thursday night. I’m sorry to report they got into our new Keep Rollin’! Gear and quickly dispatched one of our newest products for a different purpose. Sorry to those of you that might have been eyeing the KR scarf. The bears ate them. That said, what the little guys left behind for us is really special.

Gather ’round and let me tell you the story.

It was another cold and dark night …
way, way, way up …
way, way, way up …
way, way, way up …
(repeat about more 50 times!)
high on the nasty hill we call cancer mountain.

I was making my way from Chemo Latrine to our main Mess Hall when I heard some rustling over by our Medical Supply Tent and our Bike Racks. (Remember, Team Crafty’s been at this for 4+ years. We’ve got quite a little compound up here!) With a touch of concern I might not have secured our new gear boxes adequately, I scanned my flashlight over in the direction of the noise. What I saw shocked even me, and that sayin’ something because I’ve pretty much seen it all up here on the mountain.

What looked like a tidal wave of tiny bears was forming around our Supply Tent. They were coming from everywhere and the wave was getting bigger and bigger by the second. As I watched in disbelief, frozen in awe, I felt a tug on my leg. It was one of the little bears and he was gesturing he wanted to talk to me.

I leaned down and he said, “Hey, big guy, relax. We’re here to help. We’ve been watching you and your team. Really, really amazing what you’ve been able to do. Incredible, really. We’ve never seen anything like it. We love the new products too. But, ya know, you’re missing something for the little people and the people who can’t ride. We can fix that and you’re gonna love it. Just watch.” With that he popped on a pair of cool sunglasses and slipped me a pair too, adding, “Put these on, quick!”

Just then, the sky exploded into brilliant orange as a comet streaked overhead. As the sky blazed bright, I heard a series of loud bangs from what sounded like t-shirt cannons and my field of vision flooded with what looked like blue confetti. It felt like someone had just thrown me from darkness into the center of a Jackson Pollack painting, created with our team’s cancer-fighting colors – Conquer Cancer orange and CRC blue.

It was all over in an instant. When everything settled, the scene before me was simply magical. All the bears were now wearing tiny blue t-shirts emblazoned with an orange image. The tidal wave of tiny bears had a become a sea of glowing orange Hope Hearts.

The little guy at my side said. “Damn now, isn’t that just about the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?” I was still paralyzed with shock as he continued on, “Sorry about the scarves. We think people are gonna like us a lot better and you can send us anywhere you think somebody might need a little hope and support. We’re guessing kids and anyone who’s new to the nasty hill are probably really good places to start. Think you and your friends can help arrange that?” I remember stammering something that sounded like approval. My mind was soup in a blender.

He could tell I was still trying to process everything that had just happened. After studying me in silence for a couple more moments, I heard him say “Let’s do it. I think he can handle it. Besides, who’s ever gonna believe him? This guy’s had 53 rounds of chemo!” The close group of bears around me erupted in laughter before turning to the larger crowd, shouting “Okay, gang, hit it!”

And then …

The whole mountainside of little bears started to sing together:

When the night, has come
And the land is dark
And the moon, is the only, light we’ll see
No I won’t, be afraid
No I won’t, be afraid
Just as long, as you stand, stand by me
So darlin’, darlin’ stand, by me
Oh-oh stand by me
Oh stand, stand by me, stand by me … *

And that’s our story of Hope … Team Crafty’s Cancer Mountain Comfort Bear.
Send some Hope to the cancer fighters close to you this holiday season.
Proceeds benefit the Conquer Cancer Foundation which is helping advance cancer research and cancer breakthroughs for ALL types of cancer. Amazing things are always possible when we support each other and cancer research.**

Thanks for all your love and support from near and far.
Happy Holidays and Keep Rollin’!,
Team Crafty

Order Link – Hope Bears

*Stand by Me lyrics © Sony/atv Songs Llc
Songwriters: Ben E. King / Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller

**For more ways you can help and get involved in your cancer community, see this great guidance provided by ASCO’s site Cancer.net – Making A Difference.

Published by Mark Crafts

I am a Stage IV cancer survivor with a very hopeful and amazing story. Surgery, chemo, radiation … I’ve have been through it all during 44+ months of treatment. Now, I am a UCSF clinical trial patient loaded with “Terminator” T-cells which may provide a major breakthrough for colorectal, colon, liver, lung, and head & neck cancers. Amazing things are always possible!

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