Hope & Help On Cancer Mountain: Sharing Some Experience From 45+ Months On The Hill (Video)

Hi friends, 
I had a lot of time during my recent stay at UCSF hospital and clinical trial launch period to put these videos together. 
Please share with everyone you know that’s wrestling with cancer.
Breakthroughs ARE happening and amazing things are always possible! 

Part 1 
* Sharing Hope And Inspiration
* When Did I Know Something Was Wrong?
* My First Diagnosis Experience
* Know You Are Stronger Than You Know


Part 2:
* They Call Me “A Walking Miracle And The Future of Medicine”
* Cancer Treatment Is Changing And Improving Dramatically!
* Healthcare Heroes, Our Angels On Earth


Part 3:
* What Your Doctors Really Want To Hear, Honesty
* Be Organized Like A Project Manager
* Use Your Cancer Center ‘Social Workers’ To Find Resources
* Be Grateful. Someone Out There Always Has It Worse
* Love, Hope, And Strength Come From Your Team – Build A Big One!

Thanks for all your support from near and far.
Mady, Nat and I are forever grateful.
Get educated. Get screened. Support cancer research.
Keep Rollin’!  MC

Published by Mark Crafts

I am a Stage IV cancer survivor with a very hopeful and amazing story. Surgery, chemo, radiation … I’ve have been through it all during 44+ months of treatment. Now, I am a UCSF clinical trial patient loaded with “Terminator” T-cells which may provide a major breakthrough for colorectal, colon, liver, lung, and head & neck cancers. Amazing things are always possible!

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