April 2021 – Now Ready For The ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Cells’, Our Clinical Trial for CRC Enters Key Stages

Hi Friends,

It was a very big day for us at UCSF yesterday (Monday 4/26).
I handed-off a bag of the red stuff for conversion into “Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Cells”. Everything went great. The modified cells should be ready by mid-June for the big shot back into me. Here’s where we are in this groundbreaking process and what it looks like from a high-level:

Source – PACT Pharma w/ Team Crafty Notation

This has been a long (and anxious) process, starting last October. Once I get the injection of customized T-cells in June, it’ll take about another 4 months to know if this has worked. The main idea here is the new ‘terminator cells’ will attack my CRC cancer anywhere I’ve got it. And, should this clinical trial work, it will be a very big breakthrough for my type of cancer as well as 4-5 others including Colon, Liver, Lung, and Head & Neck Cancers.

I’m filled with gratitude by so many things:
– The support from everyone on “Team Crafty”, both near and far. We certainly feel the power of all your prayers, white lights, good vibes and positive mojo pointed our way. We consider these things our secret weapons in this fight. Please keep ’em comin’!
– The expertise, support and sacrifice from everyone on my UCSF, St. Joe’s and PACT Pharma medical and healthcare teams. Never a day goes by that I do not consider how fortunate I am to have both the access and means to get such incredible healthcare. It’s not a stretch to say it is the best in the world.
– All those in the cancer community who have traveled this dark trail before me. I truly believe each and every one of them, both living and passed, has made my path easier.
– The chance to give back. After nearly 4 years on cancer mountain, considering myself ‘a taker’ all the way to this point, our clinical trial presents an opportunity for me to give something back to the cancer community.
– My incredible “Team Crafty” co-captains, my wife Mady and daughter Natalie. This challenge is tougher on them than me in so many ways. And, if you ever wonder where I get my strength and optimism, you do not need to look any farther than these two. Their love is very powerful medicine.

Next Up On The Treatment Trail

Chemo Rounds (#44 and #45)
Clinical Trial Biopsy
Chemo Rounds (#46, #47, #48, #49)
Clinical Trial Step 5 = The Big Shot!

Please share our story with anyone you think it may help …

It’s important for everyone to know that a serious cancer diagnosis today is not necessarily a death sentence. I am living proof of that. Treatment options are much different and much better than in years past. Also, you are not alone if you’ve just been diagnosed. Support is everywhere on cancer mountain. Ask your doctor about the resources that are available to you.

Get educated.
Get screened.
Support cancer research.
Keep rollin’,

Here are some great views that helped me pass all the time on cancer mountain during April (aka in waiting rooms, on scanning machines, and at testing sessions) …

Conquer Cancer Orange Power & Unicorns – Walking to UCSF for CT Scans – Every Mile Is A Gift
UCSF Nurses Scheduling Board – Long Live the King. Tribute to Chadwick Boseman
My Girls – Celebrating Nat’s big B-day with Uncle Dan DaDalt
With Taxi “The Dude” Who Seems Increasingly Unfazed By Our Pre-game Talks
Some Petaluma “Conquer Cancer Orange” Power For All My Fellow Cancer Fighters. You Are Not Alone.

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I am a Stage IV cancer survivor with a very hopeful and amazing story. Surgery, chemo, radiation … I’ve have been through it all during 44+ months of treatment. Now, I am a UCSF clinical trial patient loaded with “Terminator” T-cells which may provide a major breakthrough for colorectal, colon, liver, lung, and head & neck cancers. Amazing things are always possible!

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