Week #140: Maintenance Chemo Mojo & Two of My COVID-19 Heroes

Hey friends,

This week is number 140 of my hike on cancer mountain, now tracking over 2.5 years. And, after 4 surgeries, 11 months with an ileostomy (removed!), 10 rounds of radiation, and 37 rounds of chemo, I believe I certainly qualify for Ranger status!

We got good news last Monday from my medical team at UCSF:
My ‘maintenance chemo’ is working its magic and keeping my cancer in check. There were no significant changes from my last round of CT scans 3 months ago. That’s very good news and exactly what we wanted/expected to see. From here, I’ll saddle up for 4 more rounds of chemo over this summer. Key point for you to remember:
I am and continue to be the most fortunate, grateful, and blessed cancer-fight you know!

COVID-19 …Some special shout-outs for two heroes in our midst:
As a cancer patient in active chemo treatments, I have a compromised immune system and I am in the COVID-19 high risk group. Accordingly, I’m very concerned about Covid and our lack of a cohesive national plan to address it. Make no mistake, this is a serious disease and it should be treated as such – by all of us. With that in mind, I’d like to share two stories from friends I know who are front line with COVID-19. One is a surviving patient and one is a hospital president in the city of New York. They are both inspiring heroes to me. And, they both have important advice for us all. Here are their stories:

Frank Cutitta … COVID-19: The Loneliness of the long-distance survivor
Please take a few minutes and watch this video interview with Frank. We worked together a million years ago at the technology publishing house IDG. Since March, Frank has been battling COVID-19 in a harrowing, life-threatening, 100+ day journey through hospitalization, intubation, and rehab. We are all so fortunate he’s coming through the other side. You are a hero to us all, Frank! Thanks for sharing your story.


Michael Fosina Running a Hospital in a Pandemic
Mike and I are Blue Hen friends, alums of the University of Delaware. Mike is now president of New York-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital and a senior vice president at NewYork-Presbyterian. The UD Daily recently interviewed Mike about his leadership experience during the COVID-19 outbreak. He provides great insights about what it was like in the early days of the outbreak, where we are now, and what he thinks is ahead. Mike and all his colleagues at NYPLH and NYP are heroes on the front lines of healthcare. Thanks for all you do, Mike! Everyone across the country appreciates what you are doing to lead us through this.

University of Delaware, UD Daily Interview with Michael Fosina … https://www.udel.edu/udaily/2020/june/michael-fosina-alumnus-hospital-administrator-coronavirus-pandemic/

Please take COVID-19 seriously.
Protect yourself and those around you.
Wear a mask!

Thanks for all your support from near and far!
It really enables Mady, Nat, and me to cope with all the ups and downs along this difficult cancer trail. We keep rollin’ with your help! – MC

Conquer Cancer Bike Ride: Our annual bike ride has been rescheduled for September 26th.
We’re hopeful it will happen and will keep you posted.

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I am a Stage IV cancer survivor with a very hopeful and amazing story. Surgery, chemo, radiation … I’ve have been through it all during 44+ months of treatment. Now, I am a UCSF clinical trial patient loaded with “Terminator” T-cells which may provide a major breakthrough for colorectal, colon, liver, lung, and head & neck cancers. Amazing things are always possible!

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