Week #100 – by guest author Mady Crafts

Hi Everyone! I’m taking over Mark’s blog for Week #100, because this is a pretty big deal, and because I need to say thank you to Mark. I will start by saying that 21 years ago when we first met, I knew I had met a very special person. Many of you have heard thisContinue reading “Week #100 – by guest author Mady Crafts”

Week #99 = Rollin’ Strong, 2020 Vision

CRAFTY 99This is Week #99 of my cancer journey and I continue to be the most fortunate cancer-fighter you’ve ever known. All continues to go incredibly well for me on the health front. I’ll start my new ‘maintenance’ chemo program next week and we expect this should be easier for me to handle than theContinue reading “Week #99 = Rollin’ Strong, 2020 Vision”

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